In The Beginning

In 1928, Thomas Jefferson (Tom) Akens moved to Abilene, Texas, where he formed Akens Construction. Drawing on past experience as a carpenter and part-time builder, he worked in the capacity of builder, carpenter, and construction manager.
Thomas Akens    
(Jefferson & Irving)
He established a solid foundation of trust and integrity built on the craftsmanship of his products and his relationships with his customers. This dedication to his craft and his clientele would lead the next three generations of carpenters and home builders.

Generation II

Thomas Irving (T.I.) Akens rejoined his father, Tom, after serving in WWII and the Korean War, becoming a master builder and carpenter in his own right. After working in the Abilene area for nearly 16 years, a sudden down turn in the economy had the younger Thomas moving his family to Houston while his father continued the family
business in Abilene. With the construction of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA),
Thomas Irving Akens
the Houston area was booming, and it would be over twenty years before T.I. returned to Abilene. During this time, he raised the next generation of Akens carpenters: Mike, Pat, and Tim Akens followed the family tradition, joining their father at work as soon as they were able to hold a broom. Just as their father had learned from his father, they started at the bottom, experiencing all aspects of the trade.

T.I. and his sons worked for rich and poor alike. Professional athlete, movie star or the guy down the street, all customers received the same attention to quality and detail. “Your station in life should never determine the quality of work you receive.” These are the words I remember my grandfather telling me as a very young boy. This concept has been instilled into each passing




generation and still rings true today.

In the mid 1980s, T.I. and his sons returned to the Abilene area, building on the reputation established by his father over 50 years before. T.I.'s retirement and more recent death left his sons and grandsons a tradition to carry on, a tradition they are passing on to their sons and nephews.

The Future

For over ninety years, the Akens name has been associated with honesty, integrity, and quality. We invite you to play a part in our future.
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